My Audio Stories: The Magic Song Book Only

My Audio Stories: The Magic Song Book Only

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Scales the Tiniest Dragon: The Magic Song is a beautifully illustrated delightful and engaging hardback picture book


A thrilling story about Scales a tiny dragon that couldn’t breathe fire, roar, or fly, but he discovers a talent this is exactly what his village needs!


Scales the tiniest Dragon

Could not breath fire or roar.

He wanted to be like the other dragons

But he was something more.


When things in his village

were at their darkest hour,

It was scales who had to call upon 

His newfound friends and power.


You’ll be inspired as you

See Scales discover his path.

You'll cheer along as he

Avoids the Shadow's wrath.


Hold on,

The Adventure is about to begin.

See what happens in the dragon village

From the pages within.

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