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Eli’s Star My Audio Stories Kit Includes: 

  1. Eli's StarHardcover Picture Book
  2. Eli's Star Light up My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker
  3. My Audio Stories App


  1. Eli's Star delightful and engaging hardback picture book


A heartwarming story of a great adventure to catch a star that leads Eli back home to the star he already has.


A boy’s adventure into adventure, danger, and discovery . . .


A mom’s willingness to battle dragons, lift heavy rocks, prepare armor (and grilled cheese sandwiches) to help . . .


An impossible quest . . .


Join Eli on his greatest adventure yet. His quest to catch a star. 


This heartwarming tale is sure to become a family favorite as you discover, with Eli, what it means to let go of the ladder, reach out, and catch a star


  1. Eli's Star Light up My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker: The tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT Bluetooth speaker on the planet! In addition to working with the My Audio Stories App, this speaker also features:


  1. Built-in Night Light from glowing star speaker.
  2. Can also be used with The Hide and Speak App - a ridiculously fun family-friendly app included with the My Audio Pet.
  3. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology - Use 1 or Pair 2 together. Compelling, crisp, clear sound from 3W audio driver.
  4. Easy-Click wireless Bluetooth connection to iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  5. Selfie Remote function
  6. Built-in mic for hands free options.
  7. Rechargeable Custom-built Extended play battery (24" charging Cord included).
  8. Lanyard included helping to make you new speaker a Portable Party.
  9. Patented Design and custom Audio Engineering produces surprisingly powerful sound from a speaker less than 2" tall.


  1. My Audio Stories App


  • Listen to the Audio Book Stories from the My Audio Stories App.
  • Characters come alive as you use the included matching My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker. 
  • Record and share your own version of the Stories through the My Audio Stories App.
  • Included Audio Library lets you save and cherish the stories shared with you.
  • Shared Stories automatically appear in Children’s Audio Library.
  • Children respond to voices they know and love.
  • Provides comfort, encouragement, support from your voice - even if you can’t be there.
  • Help children develop stronger reading skills as they follow along and send back their own recorded versions of the stories - all safely saved in the included library.


Great gift from:

Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Business travelers, Military away from home, Or anyone who wants to share the magic of storytelling

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