Feedbacks & Reviews

"These little creatures are powerful mini Bluetooth speakers that produce clear room-filling sound. Once you’re done singing along, enable the selfie feature and snap a pic." - Oprah Winfrey




"This is the cutest, tiniest most kick butt speaker I've ever seen.” - Stephanie P.


“OMG!!! The sound that comes from this small speaker is amazing!!!! I'll be buying these as gifts!!! Perfect for everyone. The shutter button is genius especially if you have a bigger phone like notes and iPhone 6s taking selfies is hard with little hands.” - Amy

“I was so pleasantly surprised by this speaker. I could not believe the great sound that comes out of it. It is so compact and so cute, definitely easy to use, with just a push of a button you turn it on and off. Definitely worth the money!” - MizT

“Love it! The bear looks ridiculously tiny and adorable, and it has really good sound and works great. I was surprised to see it also comes with a selfie feature.” – Bunneh

“I absolutely love this speaker. It's tiny, it's cute, it's easy to use, but most importantly, it works well. I'm also really impressed that it works as a remote for taking photos with your camera phone as well! The sound quality is even better than the price might suggest. And it comes with a wrist strap, which is extremely helpful if you're playing music while you're running around. I definitely recommend this speaker.” – Liss