Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my awesome new My Audio Pet to my Bluetooth enabled device? What will it connect to (PLEASE NOTE My Audio Pets are not compatible with iPod Nanos - works great with other iPods, but not Nanos)?
Glad you asked – it’s quite simple:

1.  Press and hold the button on the bottom of your My Audio Pet until you hear a chime and see a blue light blinking rapidly. The blinking blue light means your My Audio Pet is in search mode.

2.  Go to the Settings on your Bluetooth enabled device and select Bluetooth.  Your device will automatically search for Bluetooth devices.  When you see “BM6” pop up, select it to pair your device with your My Audio Pet. You will hear a chime on the My Audio Pet when it connects and the blue light will blink slower.

  3.  You can now listen to music or take advantage of the selfie remote function by pressing the power button to activate camera shutter.

  4.  Enjoy your new My Audio Pet.

My Audio Pets utilize V4.1 Bluetooth Technology and will work with most Bluetooth enabled devices.

Please note that there have been some reported issues connecting with iPod Nanos. If you are having trouble with a Nano please reach out to Apple for additional support. My Audio Pets operate on Bluetooth v4.1

Help, I’ve Paired My Pet, but can’t type on my phone (Lost Keyboard):
There is a glitch with Apple’s software that does at times cause the keyboard to vanish when paired with My Audio Pets.

We worked with Apple to provide some options to resolve the issue:

In Many Cases it is as simple as:

> Go to the message (text) App
>Start a new dialogue
>Tap twice in the dialogue box.
>The keyboard re-appears (If not, please continue to the next section below)

Add a Keyboard App For iOS from the App Store

We recommend SwiftKey Keyboard. It is Free and adds some really cool functionality to your phone.

You can get SwiftKeyfrom the Apple App Store. Once installed just open and follow instructions in the app. Takes very little time.

See Video Instructions on this page.

(For more info about Keyboard apps see:

You can also reset the Apple software. It is a bit more involved
(Good news - this fixes a number of current bugs with Apple ios software):

➢ On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

See Video Instructions on this page.

(Warning - While you won't lose any data, pics, contacts, emails, texts or other info you will have to redo some of your personal settings (i.e. - Screen saver, Wallpaper, WiFi Password, Ring tones, Alarms.)

Can I use My Audio Pet while it is charging?
Yes, you can use your My Audio Pet while it is charging.
How much does it cost to ship a My Audio Pet?
We do offer a flat rate shipping option of $4.99 in the continental US for a My Audio Pet. Additional Pets increase the cost.

At checkout you are able to choose how you want the Pet(s) shipped to you. In most cases it is less expensive to choose an actual shipping method at checkout through USPS or UPS. We connect directly with both to offer you the opportunity to choose your shipping method and pay the actual expense.

We do ship into Canada as well.

All shipping options are displayed at checkout.
What if I am having trouble connecting my device? Any suggestions?
Make sure your My Audio Pet is charged and turned on. The blue light on the bottom should be blinking rapidly which indicates your “Audio Pet” is in Bluetooth search mode when looking for a device to connect with.

Make sure your Bluetooth device is within range.
Can I use My Audio Pet with multiple devices?
My Audio Pets are very loyal and will only connect to one device at a time. If you have previously paired with a device, you may want to disconnect (forget) your My Audio Pet on the original device before pairing with a new one.
Can I use different My Audio Pets on the same device?
Sure, if using the same device with multiple My Audio Pets, look for a new BM6 under Bluetooth devices to be paired. On occasion, some devices may require you to delete or forget the previous BM6 devices before pairing with the new one.
How long does the battery last? Does it need batteries?
My Audio Pet has a rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately 4 hours of playing time. The length of playing time may vary depending on the sound level and what you are using My Audio Pet to do (i.e. – Podcasts take up less battery life than music.)
How long does it take to charge the battery?
It takes about 1 hour for a full charge. The light on the bottom turns red when plugged in to charge. When the red light disappears, your My Audio Pet is charged.
How do I put the lanyard on the My Audio Pet?
Thread the small end of the lanyard through the hole of your My Audio Pet’s ear. Next, thread the large end of the lanyard through the small loop you put through the hole in the ear and pull tight.
How do I control the volume on My Audio Pet?
Once connected, the volume on your device will control the output on your My Audio Pet.
How close does My Audio Pet have to be to the Bluetooth enabled device it is paired with?
We recommend staying within 20 feet of the Bluetooth enabled device for best performance. However, the range may be considerably wider.
Can multiple speakers connect and play simultaneously to a single device?
Great question - though we agree that would be cool, currently you cannot create an audio chain with My Audio Pets. Your device and your My Audio Pet operate on a one-to-one basis.
When Pairing My Audio Pet what name should I look for?
Your My Audio Pet automatically comes out of the box named BM6 (for Big Music – 6 Designs).

You can change it to whatever you like. Just follow the directions for your device to custom name Bluetooth devices. For example, to rename a Bluetooth device, follow these steps on your Mac:
1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

2. Click the Bluetooth preference icon.

3. Control-click or right-click on the device's name to see a shortcut menu.

4. Click Rename in the shortcut menu, then type a new name for the device.

5. Click the Rename button to save your changes.
How Big is My Audio Pet?
Though it sounds like it should be much bigger, It is actually just a little bigger than a golf ball.

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My Audio Pet Return Policy:

We really hope you love your new My Audio Pet. If you have any problems, we want to help get it resolved as soon as possible so you can enjoy your new pet.  You can start by checking our FAQs. A lot of common questions are addressed there.  

If you are unable to find what you need in the FAQs, you can reach out to us for help or questions at

To initiate a return, please click  HERE.

Returns are allowed within 30 days of purchase.  Returns must be in new unused condition with all accessories included in the return.