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My Audio Pet, the tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT wireless speaker on the planet!

Music has the power to inspire, bring hope, lift spirits, create joy and laughter, prompt reflection, and stir creativity. Our goal at My Audio Pet is to help bring a little more of those things into each day.

My Audio Pet's beginnings were inspired by my Dog, Shadow, says KJ the OwnerKJ Robinson, our founder, is a musician and knows that music can create powerful and memorable experiences(he often turns on music and breaks into silly dances with his son Eli and daughter Kylie.) KJ thought there has to be a fun way to take music with you wherever you go, to help enable those impromptu moments. He wanted something fun, endearing, portable, and it had to have great sound quality. While, searching for a creative idea to make this happen - inspiration struck. It came in the form of a four legged friend - Shadow, the family dog. Shadow strolled into KJ’s office while he was listening to music and eureka moment struck  - why not combine a love for Pets with musical fun through Bluetooth speakers. My Audio Pets were born and the musical adventure began. My Audio Pets resonated with people immediately and have continued to amass ardent fans ever since.

We continue to introduce new ways to enjoy and interact with My Audio Pets and Music. My Audio Pet Hide & Speak App is available on Apple’s app store & Google Play. The app is a fun-filled way for families to interact with each other and their My Audio Pets. My Audio Pet SPLASH is the next wave of inspiration on the agenda. The world’s first waterproof portable animal shaped Bluetooth speaker.

MY AUDIO PET is brought to you by My Audio Life, a division of JAKAB Solutions, Inc. We are a family owned and operated business hoping to help bring a little more fun, music, and play to your day.


info@myaudiopet.com | 1.800.380.0996

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