Woodulisten wood wireless speaker available with true wireless stereo sound when paired with another wooden audio speaker
Woodulisten wood wireless speaker, elegant natural sound in a carved beechwood shell
Woodulisten wood wireless speaker, carved beechwood body bluetooth branch design
Woodulisten wood wireless speaker, helping you provide life's soundtrack
woodulisten wood wireless speaker, connect easily to iPhone, iPad, laptop, Samsung and other iOS and android devices
woodulisten wood wireless speaker, one is great, two is better, true wireless stereo, pair two for amazing left channel right channel stereo experience
woodulisten wood wireless speaker, built in mic for convenient hands-free options
woodulisten wood wireless speaker, beautiful resonance, long lasting battery
woodulisten wood wireless speaker, enjoy natural sounding music anywhere with up to 8 hours of playback
woodulisten wood wireless speaker, modeled after the natural wood of acoustic guitar to create beautiful resonance
woodulisten wood wireless speakers, in stereo and great for chilling with a hot coffee or cocoa on a cool winter's day

Branch woodulisten Single TWS Speaker - Branch Design

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woodulisten, natural sounding, Bluetooth Speakers in a carved beechwood shell. 

  1. True Wireless Stereo Technology (TWS) - you can use them individually or pair them together for an amazing Stereo Audio Experience. (They even pair with the new My Audio Pets - see www.myaudiopet.com)
  1. A Built-in mic for hands-free calls or communicating with Alexa or Google (if paired with those devices) 
  1. Bluetooth 4.2 Technology.
  1. Long-lasting (up to 6 hours) rechargeable Batteries for portability and a touch of elegance with your music wherever you are.
  1. a 4 watt Audio Driver for impressive sound from a small beautiful package.
  1. A clean design from any angle all you see is the beautiful natural wood.
  2. Real wood from a renewable source.


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