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Thank you to Moms to Grandmas review

Thank you to Moms to Grandmas review

Here's an awesome excerpt from the article. Thanks so much for this great nod to the cutest speakers on the planet.

"These are absolutely adorable, we are just in love. You would not believe the power packed in these little guys. The sound is high quality, no crackling, just a nice crisp loud sound. There is no mind numbing confusion behind these audio pet speakers. You will find that they easily pair up with your blue tooth device. It does recharge quickly and plays back three hours of music. These cute animal speakers are affordably priced making them a great holiday gift item that will provide hours worth of fun. If you like one your going to love the booming sound of two of them. These fun little speakers even have an app that pairs with them to make the experience even funner! You have the choice of many different animals Party Pig, Mega Mouse, Boom Bear, Classical Cat, Power Pup, Unicorn Pandemonium and more."

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