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Thank You....Beauty Brite! <3

Thank You....Beauty Brite! <3

Beauty Brite

Beauty Brite has written a post about our amazing My Audio Pets! The following paragraph is from her most recent post. (9-11-18 @ 3:42ET) : 

"I feel like every day we see a new must-have tech item added to the market, that is specifically targeted towards children. The problem is differentiating which of these products are flops and which ones are worth the money to purchase them AND our children use them for more than 20 minutes. My Audio Pets have been a huge hit with my three oldest children and with their new Hide & Speak App, My Audio Pet transforms from just a regular speaker to an actual game for your child to play! Pair My Audio Pet up with Hans Swipe to keep your child’s device screen clean/sanitized and Helix Towels as a comfortable place for them to lay outside to enjoy the weather, and you have a match made in heaven!"


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Thank You <3

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