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Special Gifts For Your Lady

Special Gifts For Your Lady

Special Gifts For Your Lady


Who doesn’t love listening to music, this cute mini Bluetooth speaker is adorable,  The tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT Bluetooth speaker on the planet!  It’s like getting a stadium-sized concert in a golf ball-sized arena, or a team of magical unicorns in a tiny pixie body, or a whole Bakery in a miniature cupcake . . . the point is, you get way more than you expect, not just sound beyond size.

This speaker also features:


  1. The Hide and Speak App – a ridiculously fun family-friendly app included with the My Audio Pet.


  1. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology – Use 1 or Pair 2 together. Compelling, crisp, clear sound from 3W audio driver.


  1. Easy-Click wireless Bluetooth connection to iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  1. Selfie Remote function


  1. Built-in mic for hands-free options.


  1. Rechargeable Custom-built Extended play battery (24″ charging Cord included)


  1. Lanyard included helping to make you new speaker a Portable Party.


  1. Patented Design and custom Audio Engineering produces surprisingly powerful sound from a speaker less than 2″ tall.


  1. 100% Manufacturer GUARANTEE! So collect them all.


  1. A must-have gift – experience the fun, joy, music, and dance.

It comes in a variety of animals for you to choose from.



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