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We're Cool Alright, Holycool!

August 09, 2018

We have been featured on and it is no surprise they LOVE US! 

Here is their reaction to the CUTEST, MOST KICKBUTT mini Bluetooth speakers on the planet:

"These tiny speakers are not only cute to look at, they actually pack some great features so you can enjoy your favorite tunes on the go. Shaped like lovable pets, the speakers can connect to almost any Bluetooth enabled device. Not only that, but you can actually pair speakers to each other for an even more powerful sound! The speakers are compact in size, about the size of a golf ball, and come with a lanyard so you can attach it to your bag. They are rechargeable, and can be easily recharged using the included USB cable..."

Holy Cow, I mean, Holycool! Sounds like they are having a Moognificent time with My Audio Pets! (do you get it? haha) You can buy our Cow Clicking The Moozart Audio Pet :D

We are Glad you Love Them! <3

Att: My Audio Pet Team

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